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  • Sidda Lee

    Sidda Lee

    Resident black sheep. Generational trauma explorer. Survivor. Advocate. Old enough to have a skincare routine.

  • Vashti Hale

    Vashti Hale

    A mom, Business Life Coach/Strategist who loves to travel, network & positively impact the lives of others.

  • Melissa Thora Mellon

    Melissa Thora Mellon

  • Imad


    I write to understand myself and the world around me || Trying to be as human as I can be

  • Ntathu Allen

    Ntathu Allen

    Yoga & meditation teacher, I write about ways to foster more peace, self-love and happiness. Get your FREE One-Minute Meditation https://bit.ly/34YulrB

  • Marie Lefevre

    Marie Lefevre

    Data Analyst @ papernest. Ex-Strategic Consultant in Germany. MSc. in Management @ ESSEC x Mannheim University.

  • Audrey Ampofo

    Audrey Ampofo

    A calm and spiritual thinker finding life's purpose.

  • David S.

    David S.

    Curiosity + Empathy + Art

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