I think so. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

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On the surface, American education has not changed. It is the classic separation of the elite and the non-elites. It is the classic war between the have and the have-nots. The rich are separate from everyone else.

Why is that? And what are social opportunities are there for those who can’t afford it?

As it turns out, the divide between the two classes is as large as ever.

The Two-Track System

I didn’t create this conception. In 1779 Thomas Jefferson proposed a two-track educational system — tracks for “the laboring and the learned.” …

“One who does not know ease is naturally in a state of dis-ease.”

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Sadhguru is a yogi and mystic, whose mission is to help people experience the bliss of divinity. He has touched over half a million people’s lives worldwide.

No matter your nationality or religious beliefs, Sadguru offers a path to self-transformation. Sadhguru was a young agnostic, wild motorcyclist, and skeptic who turned into a yogi, mystic, and spiritual guide.

Sadhguru’s foundation, Isha, delves into the technology that changes your inner engineering. This technology uses ancient practices like yoga and meditation as methods for liberation.

Sadhguru is adept at making the complicated simple. He encourages recognizing the sweetness of life. …

“Find what feels good.”

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I thought yoga was boring. Who would want to stretch for that long? Who would want to sit in poses? You’re not doing anything. Why wouldn’t you play tennis or volleyball? Those sports are more entertaining. Yoga to relieve stress? Boxing does the same thing and burns a thousand calories.

I had been to yoga classes in studios. Hatha yoga. Vinyasa yoga. Power yoga. Restorative yoga. Hot yoga. Though I came out refreshed after each class, I didn’t feel connected to the yoga practice. …

It’s time to face your negative emotions head-on.

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Unaddressed negative emotions are like hairs accumulating in the drain. You know on one level that if the hairs keep going down the drain, the drain will get clogged. But, on another level, you underestimate the cumulative effect of a few strands making their way down the drain.

The next thing you know, you’re standing in a pool of water every time you shower. You end up standing in your own dirt.

Whether you pull the hair out with your hands, use a vacuum, use a chemical drain cleaner, or call a plumber, you have to get the hair out…

Dating is a process of becoming clearer about what works for you.

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Breakups are never easy. Everyone is different — there is no definitive timeframe for getting over a breakup. Studies show that an average American gets over a breakup in about 3 months, while marital splits take longer, with divorcees needing about a year and a half to recover and move on.

As we trudge through the trenches of a breakup, our minds cling to the past relationship. Something wasn’t working in the relationship, whether the breakup was initiated by you, your partner, or both. …

Administrations seek to control our movements, but that will not stop our innate desire for freedom of movement.

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Around 100,000 years ago, humans began migrating outside of Africa, populating other continents. At the same time, the African continent had its fair share of inner migration. One of the major migrations was the Bantu expansion, where the Bantu people migrated from southern West Africa (modern Nigeria, Cameroon, and Gabon) to the central, eastern, and southern areas of the continent. The Bantu ended up dominating all of Africa south of a line crossing from southern Nigeria to Kenya, except for South Africa and the Namibian desert.

The mayhem starts at least twenty-four hours before you depart. Your best bet is setting an alarm on your phone for several minutes before check-in opens. Maybe you have an excellent memory, so you don’t need to use an alarm as a crutch. But I don’t. I’ve forgotten to check-in 9 out of 10 times when check-in opens. And when I have checked in on time, somehow I’m still at the end of the A group. Apparently, people can have elite status or pay to check-in early. …

If I was getting a paycheck to confront others whenever I’ve felt slighted, I guess I would give my opinion all the time too.

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source: pexels [Roy Reyna]

If you struggle with keeping it real, turn on any of The Real Housewives’ episodes. Yes, The Real Housewives is trashy reality television, with rude, toxic, and questionable behavior. But sometimes I admire these women’s ability to be direct with others about how they feel. They don’t sugar coat their responses. They don’t apologize for their feelings. They tell each other how they feel, risking friendships, and often their reputations. The housewives stand strong in their truths.

If I was getting a paycheck to confront others whenever I’ve felt slighted, I guess I would give my opinion all the time…

Fostering healthy, positive relationships is a skill that can be learned.

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When we transition from our mother’s wombs into the cold, harsh world, we are thrusted into an environment so different than we’ve ever known before. Confused and slimy, you reach out your hands searching for your mother. Indeed, this world feels different. When you came into this world, you literally had no idea what you were getting yourself into.

Once you were here, you looked for someone to attach to. Our brains are not fully developed when we are born, and only become fully developed around the age of 25. …

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MA Interior Architecture. Thinker, Designer, Writer. My experiences and interests form a web — connecting business with design to technology and psychology.

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